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General Description Biochemicals

What is biochemistry? this science study the chemistry on living organisms, especially proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and other small molecules present in the cells.

The Biochemistry investigates the chemical reactions in the metabolic compounds, how they get their own energy and how to generate biomolecules (anabolism). In Cymit Química ALL you can find a lot of specialized products and biochemicals. the biochemistry concept is: All living things contain carbon and biological molecules are composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur.


The Biochemistry study the chemical basis of the molecules and how make up cells and tissues, catalyze chemical reactions of cellular metabolism, digestion, the photosynthesis and immunity. We can understand the biochemistry as an integrative scientific discipline she deals with the study of biomolecules and biosystems.


Cymit Chemistry SL distributes a large number of biochemical and other chemicals. The Biochemical studies demonstrates the molecular point view and give a large sections of Medicine (Genetics and Biomedicine therapy) pharmacology.


The Biochemistry is a fundamental pillar of biotechnology, and become an essential discipline to the medical issues and future diseases such as climate change, food and agricultural resources to increasing world population, find reserves of fossil fuels, the emergence of new forms of allergies, increased cancer, genetic diseases, obesity, etc. The Biochemists study the chemistry of life, investigate all processes of molecular life and use the biochemical knowledge to identify and resolve biological problems.


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