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General Description Environmental

Chemical products for environmental research its available in Cymit Química SL, this science study the application of the chemistry in many problems related to the protection and environment conservation.


The Environmental chemistry studies the different chemical processes generated in the environment, applies to the study of: soil, rivers, lakes, oceans, the atmosphere and the impact generated by the human activities in the environment.

Cymit Química SL distributes an extensive list of products for the environmental chemistry.  For many years the environmental chemistry give us different samples of the impact generated by the activities of the industries.


This science demonstrated a serious consequences in the ozone layer by the uncontrolled use of the chlorofluorocarbons, discovered the first acid rain and develop different treatments to stop the emissions of the industrial factories.


The environmental chemistry use many processes and reactions to study the evolution in water for the anthropogenic pollutants. This science examines the correct treatment to reduce the pollution damage in the environment.

Cymit distributes many products for environmental research, all available in your website cymit quimica.com. 


Now it possible the interaction between the green chemistry, sustainable chemistry and environmental conservation due to the environmental chemistry studies.


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